"Moira was a fantastic addition to our team, providing invaluable insight and strategic direction to our cultural change programme. She had the ability to connect with senior managers and people on the floor at the one-on-one level, people felt valued and listened to. Moira came in at the point where we were trying to make sense of a restructure. With her experience and knowledge she quickly found the sticking points and was then able to recommend the changes required - which were then implemented very, very successfully."
Lesley, Senior Manager
"Not knowing what to expect from coaching, I was delightfully surprised by the experience I had with Moira. Her ability to help me uncover what was really going on and what I wanted led to some unexpected and powerful outcomes. She helped me to get clarity on my true goals and helped me uncover some real limitations I had put on myself. Only then was I able to move forward. It was a challenging experience and Moira's natural warmth created a very safe, fun and encouraging environment. Thanks for all your help!"
Kate, Business Development Manager
"Since working with Moira my mind has opened up on a whole new level. I now have a clearer view of my own life's accomplishments, the achievements within my past jobs and the hidden skills and talents in my professional life. This has allowed me to explore different employment avenues that I would not have otherwise confidently considered. I now feel more assertive in knowing where I want to go and what I will and will not do."
Helen, Personal Trainer
"Moira worked with me as her coach for 3 months and the whole process was so effective. With her warm and caring character she was able to build rapport well, asking insightful questions that enabled me to plan and meet my goals. Moira has a gift for listening in that she is skilled at picking up messages that are not necessarily spoken. I would thoroughly recommend Moira as a very accomplished coach."
Karen, Learning & Development Manager